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WindOSX XP SP2 Oxygen Version. by n3xu WindOSX XP SP2 Oxygen Version. by n3xu
Programs installed:

Operating System:

-Windows XP SP2 Full. SP3 appears to have no apparent advantages.
-Flyakite35 Full. It provides full boot and shutdown screens and trayicon -OSX style.

Desktop elements:

-Windowblinds 62 w/XP Leo Rev no pix.
-GDI++ for Mac like font render.
-QuickLaunchBar for the top menu, fully functional.
-YZShadow19. Updated versions present low speed.
-Icon Tweaker with oxygen theme. It looks nicer than Flyakite tiger theme.

Explorer to Finder:

-Kabal's FinderBar with hand picked icons.
-KSoft's Finderbar Explorer toolbar with WinLeopard Theme.

RAM usage under 300Kb. OS with all the tweaks loads under 210Kb at start up.

The system is an Intel Celeron 900@2.2 Ghz with 2GB of RAM. The system runs very smoothly and fast. WB does an excellent job changing the windows buttons to the left and masking the windows frames. GDI++ makes the fonts bold and nicely round. QuicklaunchBar gives the desktop the mac like menu. However it is fully operational, and it takes full advantage of Win XP facilities as drag and drop short cut creation. Unlike other options like Objectbar and Finderbar it is not an overdraw mask. It is a taskbar window element totally integrated with the system. YZShadow 1.9 does a good job adding shadows to the windows. There are some programs that do not work well with it though. However the newer 2.2 and 2.3 versions appears to be less reliable. It is a shame because they look a lot better. However I will stick with version 1.9 due to the stability it shows in my system. Icon tweaker allows you to change the full set of system icons easily. The explorer's bars made by Kabal and Ksoft give the explorer the cosmetic and functional changes to mimic Finder. While there are other options like Styler and Findexer I found Ksoft to be more functional while Styler seems almost like a mask. Ksoft StylerTB can be arrange by drag and drop ala Safari and its search window actually works.
n3xu Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
I don't use a dock. Because all of them seem to have some issues. I might try YZ launcher or RK launcher. This last should be updated soon also.
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May 10, 2011
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